What is NERVE?

NERVE, the Neurological Examination Rehearsal Virtual Environment is a suite of tools designed to give first and second year medical students standardized experience in interviewing, examining and diagnosing patients with cranial nerve disorders. NERVE is completely free to use.

One of the benefits of using NERVE is that it frees up valuable in class time to focus on higher order clinical reasoning skills and clinical variations.

What do you get as an instructor?

As an instructor, you will receive access to an instructor portal and a personalized link for your students. In the instructor portal, you can specify tasks for your students and login anytime to see when those tasks have been completed. Also, you will receive a weekly report outlining your students' interactions with the system.

What will your students get?

Your students will receive access to the NERVE suite of tools which include a Learning Resource Center where they can learn about and test their knowledge of cranial nerve anatomy, physiology, symptoms and pathology. The Learning Center also enables them to see and practice the use of physical examination tools and interviewing techniques for each cranial nerve. They will also receive access to the Exam Room where they can practice and test their ability to interview, examine and diagnose patients with unknown disorders. The virtual patients can be interviewed with two different methods: (a) selecting questions from a menu or (b) forming their own questions through our open chat feature.

Key features of NERVE include:

Learning Resource Center features:

  • Content information synthesized from a variety of professional resources that covers the anatomy, physiology, symptoms, and the pathology of all 12 canial nerves.
  • Direct links to pulished full-text articles on cranial nerves and cranial nerve cases.
  • A bank of multiple choice questions that enable students to test and self-assess their knowledge of cranial nerve anatonmy, physiology, symptoms, and pathology.

Exam Room features:

  • A dynamic suite of high-fidelity interactive tools for conducting a variety of cranial nerve related physical examinations.
  • A color coded chart that enables students to monitor their own progress, listing important discoveries about each patient's present illness and medical, social and family histories.
  • Patient assessments that ask students to localize the problem, perform a differential diagnosis, provide an evaluation plan, and provide a management and counseling plan for each case.

Request Access to NERVE

By requesting access, you will be given a link to access the NERVE suite of tools that you can share with your students. The link will be unique to you and your students and also will provide you, as the instructor, the ability to log in to see how many students have completed tasks in NERVE.

Would you like to try NERVE before requesting access?