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Please email if you are interested in using the NERVE system with progress being tracked or saved. Otherwise, you can use the Guest Mode.

Before emailing us, be sure to review our latest information on our virtual patient systems:

VERG Virtual Patients Information

In your email, please include the number of students, dates, and your goals for using the system. Once we understand the anticipated needs of the community, we will communicate with you what the system will be able to support.

What is NERVE?

The Neurological Examination Rehearsal Virtual Environment is a suite of tools designed to give first- and second-year medical students standardized experience in interviewing, examining and diagnosing patients with cranial nerve disorders.

No cost required to use NERVE. As an NIH-funded research project, NERVE is available for use by instructors, students and researchers at absolutely no cost.

One benefit of using NERVE is that it can free up valuable in-class time to focus on higher-order clinical reasoning skills and clinical variations.

What do you get as an instructor?

Access to an instructor portal where you:

  • receive a personalized link to send to your students
  • can specify tasks for your students to complete
  • can monitor student progress on the tasks you set
  • can export reports of students' task performance

What will your students get?

Access to the Learning Resource Center where they can :

  • learn about cranial nerve anatomy, physiology, symptoms and pathology
  • take quizzes to assess their knowledge of cranial nerves
  • access links to published full-text articles on cranial nerves and cranial nerve cases
  • see and practice the use of physical examination tools and interviewing techniques specific for each cranial nerve

Access to the Exam Room where they can:

  • practice interviewing, examining and diagnosing patients with unknown disorders
  • perform virtual patient interviews using two different methods: (a) selecting questions from a menu or (b) forming their own questions and typing them.
  • use high-fidelity interactive tools to conduct cranial nerve related physical examinations
  • receive immediate feedback about their performance on each virtual patient interview

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